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MSS Helping Hands Trust

MSS Helping Hands Trust was established in 2011 by the management and staff to be used as a vehicle to bring about positive changes in the communities in which we operate. Creating safer environments for our communities is part of our ethos and we want all our employees to be an integral part of providing this opportunity to their families and communities at large. "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can use to change the world." — Nelson Mandela

A renewed society through education

The MSS Helping Hands Trust believes that education is one of the key fundamentals to bringing about positive changes within our communities and that by assisting learning institutions in our communities we will be able to make a positive difference in the lives of all stakeholders.

To this end, we have identified several schools in the Northern Areas of Nelson Mandela Bay that could significantly benefit through our assistance.

The current challenges being faced by schools in the Northern Areas of Nelson Mandela Bay have been well documented. The area is a known hotspot for gang related activity, raising concerns of teacher and learner safety. These schools have battled with minimum resources, both on a financial level and in terms of managerial skills, which has had a severe negative impact on their day to day operations.

The high levels of unemployment and social ills, such as drug and alcohol abuse, in the area contributes to an above average crime rate. Under these circumstances, gangsterism and crime are often seen as the only way to lift oneself out of the poverty cycle.

The MSS Helping Hands Trust is seeking to make a positive impact in the area by providing much needed support to the learning institutions through capacity building programmes to enhance managerial expertise, project management, career guidance and safety awareness etc.

We believe that a safer school environment means that the focus can return to teaching the learners critical life skills that can help them break out of the poverty cycle."